TITLE was born in Cape Town.
An eclectic mix of worldly sounds twisted into deep & dark mindscapes.

Each song is a chapter

Let our music be food for thought

Let our music take you to places not yet ventured

Coming to the Mothercity soon!

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After 12 years on the UK band circuit, James Christian Marshall returned to his native South Africa in search of a new life. A musical collaboration seemed the farthest thing on his mind & through tumultuous times – the need for expression grew and grew! That little gap called the soul needed filling & the hunger inside started to eat him alive! It was through the virtual highway we call the Internet, the process began.

Inspiring producer Jono Booth entered the mix and had a place in mind for this vocalist he had found. An instant connection was formed on meeting as two visions became one! The hand fit the glove and both stepped on a train heading in the same direction. Through this focus and a common love for experimental progression , the duo have patented their own unique style of ‘Voodoo Rock’ in no time at all…..a culmination of worldy sounds with a dark Electro-rock edge. Together they wrote and produced 6 songs in the first 6 weeks and the floodgates have not yet fully opened.

Newer recruit Zandile Madliwa adds an exciting twist with her amazing voice and ability to just fall in and elevate the songs to new heights.



Echo Burning

A Cold despair
permeates through the air
Been on the road for forever
And it seems no one could care
The desert holds your stare
Feeling all alone and scared
It ain’t a four letter word
That’ll take you back home again
One last attempt
Hoping you can find a friend
Not just anybody
Somebody who can defend
Found a man
Predisposed to make a stand
Put a gun in his hand
And armed him with disdain

Echo Burning.
The tide has turned
Its time to answer
Echo Burning.

Gravitating down the street
In a little old town
Owned by the family
A rusty swing
Whistling in the wind
A dusty road
Lined with barbwire fence
Down the way
Mama stays
Controlling everybody
In every single way

Echo Burning.
The tide has turned
Its time to answer
Devise and learn
It’s you or the other.
Echo Burning.

A Solemn Atonement

Spit in the face of destiny
Lovers morph into enemies
No Jokers in this pack of cards
Left face down on the Boulevard
Incomplete, bygone & discarded
Holding broken wings
Into the sky he couldn’t fly
Damnation behold
Wasn’t the life he was looking for…..

The Vultures of Society
Prey on the weak
On the gentle souls they feed
A converted personality
Subject of a control freak
Modified & honed to perfection
Lived another life
Only see it when it’s gone
Truth always unfolds
Wasn’t the life he was looking for…..

 The Witness

Chrome beds
Vessels everywhere
Play dead
White suits
Stand and stare
Breathe slow
Eyes Closed
They probe
Get up

Follow the Witness

Opaque dome
Unearthly home
Hide and seek
Test meat
Get up

Follow the Witness

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